Canon EOS 1V - Meta35

Canon EOS 1V

When it was released in 2000, the EOS 1V claimed the world's fastest AF and a continuous shooting speed of up to 10 frames per second. It has more customizable features than any other Canon 35mm SLR, a 45-point AF system, 100% viewfinder coverage, a top shutter speed of 1/8000 sec., a flash sync of 1/250 sec., 21-zone evaluative metering, E-TTL auto flash, full-time depth-of-field preview. The EOS-1v has a rubber-covered magnesium alloy body, 72 individual gaskets for proven moisture and dust resistance and a shutter tested to 150,000 cycles.

Data Recorded
Film ISO, Film Number, Frame ISO (mod), Frame Number, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Focal Length, Frame Date & Time, Maximum Aperture, EV comp, Flash EV Comp, Flash Sync Mode, Metering mode, Exposure mode, Drive mode, AF mode

Custom Functions
The Canon EOS 1V features 30 personal functions and 19 custom functions.

Tips and tricks

  • Before shooting your first roll, use Camera Setup in Meta35 to configure your custom settings, including the data recording level.
  • We recommend setting the data recording level to 'Extended' so your 1V will record the date and time of each individual frame.
  • When connecting to Meta35, your 1V must be in PC Mode. You do this by pressing the M.Fn button on the side until the LCD on the camera reads 'PC.' The LCD will show a < ⇆ > icon thereafter.
  • In Meta35, the DX ISO is shown in the film roll pane, while individual frame ISO shown in preview pane.

Canon 1V Recording Level Standard Extended
Maximum Rolls 100 52
Film ID
Film loaded date
Film ISO speed
Frame number
Exposure mode
Metering mode
Focal length selected?
Lens' maximum aperture
Shutter speed
Aperature selected
ISO Set by User
EV compensation
Flash mode and EV compensation
Film advance mode
AF mode
Frame date and time
Bulb exposure time