Nikon F5 - Meta35

Nikon F5

The Nikon F5 was introduced in 1996 and featured the Nikon 3-D color matrix meter,a self-diagnostic and self-adjusting shutter,a mirror-balance system that reduced camera shake. Electronically controlled exposure times from 1/8000 second to 30 seconds. Built-in 8 frame per second motor drive 1/300 second flash sync. Five focus points for the autofocus sensor with intelligent dynamic autofocus mode, data memory and custom functions.

Data Recorded
Film ISO, Film Number, Frame Number, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Focal Length, Lens Aperture Maximum, Frame Date/Time, Comments, Metering Mode, Exposure Mode, Flash Sync Mode, EV Difference, EV Compensation

Custom Functions
The Nikon F5 features 24 custom functions.

Tips and tricks

  • The MF-28 multi-control data back allows you to collect more data.
  • To maximize the amount of data captured, we recommend setting D1 if you have an MF-28 and D2 if you do not have an MF-28.
  • When connecting Meta35 to the F5, orient the cable to exit upward from the connector.

Nikon F5 Data Recording Level A B C D1 D2
MF-28 Required* No Yes Yes Yes No
Maximum Rolls 78 36 12 10 39
Camera ID
Film Number
Frame Number
Shutter Speed
Focal Length Selected
Maximum Aperture
Imprints Date between Frames
Metering mode
Exposure mode
Flash Sync mode
EV difference in Manual exposure mode
Exposure compensation value
22 Character Caption
Recording Level A is default
*Without MF-28 B and C are same as A