Nikon F6 - Meta35

Nikon F6

The F6 is Nikon's latest and most advanced film SLR. Introduced in 2006, it features 3D Color Matrix, Center Weighted and Spot metering corresponding to any of the 11 selected focus areas. It also has four film advance modes, including Single (S), Continuous Low-Speed (CL~3 fps), Continuous High-Speed (CH ~5.5 fps) and Continuous Silent (Cs ~1 fps). The autofocus system includes an 11-area AF system with 9 cross-type AF sensors and four AF Area Modes: Single Area AF, Dynamic AF with Focus Tracking and Lock-On(TM), Closest Subject Priority Dynamic AF and Group Dynamic AF. It has four shooting Modes: Program, Flexible Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual and allows for exposure compensation, Auto Exposure/Flash Bracketing. It has data memory and multiple custom settings which can be configured with the built in rear LCD.

Data Recorded
The Nikon F6 can store the following data: Film ISO, Film Number, Frame Number, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Focal Length, Lens Focal length min/max, Lens Aperture min/max, Exposure Value Difference, Exposure Compensation, Flash Exposure Compensation, Flash Sync Mode, Flash Metering Mode, Metering Mode, Exposure Mode, Multi-Exposure, Frame Date/Time, AE Lock, Vibration Reduction

Custom Functions
Custom functions can be set on the camera body.

Tips and tricks

  • Custom functions are set on the camera not Meta35.
  • We recommend setting the data recording level to 'Detailed' so your F6 will record the date and time of each individual frame.
  • When connecting Meta35, orient cable to exit upwards from the connector.

Nikon F6 Data Recording Level Basic Detailed
Maximum Rolls 57 31
Film sensitivity
Film number
ID number
Frame count number
Shutter speed
Selected focal length
Lens focal length
Maximum aperture
Metering system
Exposure mode
Flash sync mode
Exposure compensation value
EV difference in Manual
Flash exposure compensation value
Multiple exposure
Auto Exposure lock